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        HomeCourse® Side Netting

        Theses two triangular side netting panels give your hitting studio extended protection and are specifically designed to fit the HomeCourse® Pro Screen.

        • Length: 85"
        • Height: 88" (where it attaches to the screen)
        • Height: 15" (on the smaller end furthest away from the screen)

        The side netting comes with two empty sand bags.

        • Out of stock
          • 8'6" long x 4'9" deep
          • The PS049 is a stand-alone tee station that includes two fairway turf panels and two short rough panels surrounded by an attractive and durable frame.
          • Includes TurfHound | Telescopic Tee Holders (2).
          • Includes TurfHound | Telescopic Tees (10).
        Skytrak Launch Monitor Metal Case


        Discover the “Official Metal Case Authorized for use with SkyTrak.” Made with 13-gauge steel and a durable wrinkle-finish powder coat, it keeps your launch monitor protected from drops, scratches, bumps, and more. Just keep it away from the dog.

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        SkyTrak Hitting Mat

        Hitting Mats

        Explore all the different ways to tee it up. We offer a range of mats that deliver a real grass feel for a more authentic practice experience.

        Hitting mats are available in a variety of brands, dimensions, weights, and fabric types.

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        SkyTrak Net


        Our NetReturn Home Series and NetReturn Home Series with Side Barriers automatically return the ball back to you each time and ensure that mishit balls never leave the hitting area. In fact, NetReturn can handle golf ball speeds of up to 200 mph. Go ahead and bring it.

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        SkyTrak Full Simulator Setup

        Simulator Studios

        This is it. This is the golf fantasy you've always wanted and guess what: it's more affordable than you think. Surround your SkyTrak launch monitor with an entirely immersive golf studio. The studio can even be used to watch TV, play games, or host movie nights.

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