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Game Improvement Annual Subscription

The game improvement plan increases the functionality of your launch monitor with bag mapping, wedge matrix, skills assessment, and more. Helping you improve your skills from the comfort of your home. This also allows for integration with our simulator partners.

What's Included:

  • Skills Assessment
  • Bag Mapping
  • Practice Randomizer 
  • Wedge Matrix
  • Shot Optimizer
  • Shot History

*Auto renews annually*

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SkyTrak Launch Monitor
SkyTrak Launch Monitor

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Product Detail

The Game Improvement Plan offers everything in the Basic Plan, plus adds significantly more game improvement features, challenges and progress tracking to make you better and have more fun.

Please Note: The WGT Golf add-on for SkyTrak is available for iOS only and supports single player only.

Features Include:

  • Challenges and Fun.
    • Show off your skills and test your improvement against friends or just have more fun with family
  • Longest Drive Contest
    • The long drive competition provides golfers the opportunity to test their accuracy and distance with the driver.  Can be used in Single of Multiple Player mode to add some competitiveness to your session or to challenge your friends.  See how your carry, total and offline driver distances compare to your friends along with the all-important ball flight data for a better understanding of how your launch angles, spin rates, ball speed compares to the long hitter in your group.
  • Custom Settings
    • Change the practice range turf conditions from normal to soft or firm. Adjust environmental factors such as humidity and wind conditions to learn the effects of different conditions on your distances for better club selection and lower scores.   
  • 5 Camera Views
    • Adds more camera views to include: first person, dynamic, downrange, follow the ball or 45 degree overhead view.  
  • Session History
    • Stores shot data to analyze your performance and improvement over an entire session in a shot history table and graphically render a side and top view of shots, average distance with each club, and much more.  
  • Progress Tracking, Charts and Graphs
    • Golfers can track their progress, and know their distances and numbers for a better understanding of their game with Cloud Storage in your personal data locker provided via SkyGolf 360 mobile app.  Chart your stats by club by shot and see average carry distances, learn your maximum distance and create a bag map for better club selection during play.

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