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SkyTrak Software Plans

Unlock the full potential of your SkyTrak

Upgrade to a Play & Improve or Game Improvement Plan

Game Improvement

Annual subscription: $169.99/yr

Unlock the full potential of your SkyTrak with a number of features and challenges to improve your game. Includes an advanced Practice Range. Required to use supported third party golf simulation software.

Additional bonus for our iOS users: WGT by TopGolf Closest-to-Hole Challenge on The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island is included with the SkyTrak Game Improvement Package*

  • Bag Mapping
  • Skills Assessment
  • Practice Randomzier
  • More...
Game Improvement Plan

Play & Improve

Annual Subscription: $329/yr

Play and Improve Plan: Special bundle for our iOS users that includes everything in our Game Improvement Plan as well as:

  • 15 Course Pack from TruGolf E6 Connect Including: Aviara, Belfry, Sanctuary, Wade Hampton, Stone Canyon, Bandon Dunes, Oakmont, Torrey Pines, Troon North, Prairie Dunes, Banff, Barton Creek, Loch Lomond, Pelican Hill, Cabo Del Sol
  • WGT by TopGolf Full Course Play on 15 WGT by TopGolf Golf Courses*
  • WGT by TopGolf Closest-to-Hole Challenge on 6 WGT by TopGolf Golf Courses*

*WGT by TopGolf is for iOS Only and supports single player.

Play and improve SkyTrak plan

Basic Software

Included With Launch Monitor

This version is included with your launch monitor. Contains a fully functional Practice Range. No subscription required.

Basic Software Plan

Features that are included in the Play & Improve and Game Improvement Plans

Frequently asked questions

  • What launch data parameters are measured?

    SkyTrak measures:

    • Ball Speed
    • Launch angle
    • Back Spin
    • Side Spin
    • Side Angle

    With this data, our software is also able to accurately provide:

    • Carry/Total Distance
    • Offline
    • Roll
    • Flight path
    • Club Head Speed
    Where do i purchase SkyTrak?

    You can order a SkyTrak launch monitor here

    How accurate are the numbers?

    SkyTrak’s accuracy has been proven against the leading commercial launch monitors with excellent results for all 5 measured data parameters. Our ball flight model has been tested thoroughly through robot and human hit testing for measured carry/total and offline distances and again the results are very comparable to other leading launch monitors.

    SkyTrak's ball flight is not affected by atmospheric elements like wind (unless selected in settings) as compared to other monitors outdoors, so there could be some slight differences based on different flight models and variables that would affect the final distance and yards offline.

    SkyTrak is extremely accurate and provides a realistic depiction of actual ball flight within close proximity to other leading launch monitors and real world results.

    What accessories will i need in order to use SkyTrak?
    • If hitting inside, you will need a hitting mat and net.
    • iOS: You will need to use an iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 (with Retina Display), iPad Mini 3, or newer models.
    • PC: You will need a PC running Windows 7, 8, or 10, Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz or higher, 2GB RAM or higher.
    • An optional laptop or tablet stand is recommended for convenience.
    • Golf simulation add-on requirements vary by provider. See golf simulation plans for details.
    How can i use the SkyTrak to improve my game?

    SkyTrak provides the ability to see your shot data and track your progress over time. By understanding how your swing produces different ball data and ball flights, golfers can see how making swing changes or practicing various shots affects results. It is this feedback (positive or negative) that is necessary for improvement.

    What features differentiate SkyTrak product from other similar devices?

    Many consumer measurement devices that call themselves launch monitors don’t measure spin or even require you to hit a golf ball. These are not true launch monitors, but rather gaming or entertainment systems. SkyTrak is a photometric launch monitor that uses a series of captured ball images to accurately measure spin as well as ball speed, launch angle, and side angle. The key differentiators are accuracy, portability (Wi-Fi) and ease of use.

    How much space do i need to set up a SkyTrak indoors?

    Technically, as long as you have enough room to safely swing a golf club, you have enough room to use your SkyTrak system. This is an advantage over some other professional devices that require more space.

    We suggest you have an open space that is about 10 feet wide and 9 feet high.

    What ipad models are compatible with SkyTrak?

    SkyTrak requires 3D graphics support. The following passed compatibility testing:

    • iPad Air
    • iPad Air 2
    • iPad Mini 2 (with Retina Display)
    • iPad Mini 3
    • iPad Mini 4
    • iPad Pro
    Where can i download SkyTrak software?

    SkyTrak is currently available for iOS and PC. You can download the SkyTrak iOS app from the AppStore. You can download SkyTrak for Windows by clicking here.

    what are the requirements to run SkyTrak software?

    SkyTrak for iOS: iPad Air and newer, iPad Mini 2 (with Retina Display) and newer, iPad Pro and iPhone 6 and newer

    SkyTrak for Android: Google Pixel C, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Samsung Galaxy S8. In general, we have seen best results with newer Android devices containing Octa-core (or dual quad-core) processors.

    SkyTrak for Windows: Windows 7/8/10, Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz or higher, 2GB RAM or higher

    Third-party golf simulation software requirements vary by provider. Please visit the Simulation pages on our website for more information.

    can i play actual golf courses on SkyTrak?

    Yes. In addition to our practice and game improvement system, SkyTrak has partnered with some of the leading golf game developers in the industry to provide you with a realistic golf simulation experience. Please visit the Simulation pages on our website for more information.

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